One of the areas I have specialised in over my career is capturing the Australian bush. These paintings represent my own interpretation and impressions of the natural landscapes. I have curated a selection of some of my personal favourites here.

Wildflower inspiration

Wildflowers Castlemaine
Wildflowers  Castlemaine: Medium: oil on board: Size:  46×61  cm


This next painting shows a lovely display of wildflowers in the Grampians Victoria, Australia.

Grampians in Spring 46x61 acrylic
Title:  Grampians in Spring: Medium: Acrylic on board: Size: 46×61  cm


Spring always brings on beautiful colours and this is captured in my wattles. This acrylic painting shows Golden Wattle in full bloom. Painted in the Victorian Goldfields district in Australia. Canvas on board on cradle.

Golden Wattle acrylic 46x61 2
Title: Golden Wattle : medium: Acrylic on  board: Size: 46×61 cm
Coastal Wildflowers oil 71x61
Title: Coastal Wildflowers Noosa: Medium: oil on board: Size: 71×61 cm


Grass Tree Noosa
Title: Grass Tree Noosa: Medium on board: Size 46×61 cm


Cooloola National Park oil 120x90
Cooloola National Park Medium: oil Size: 120×90 cm
Coast track Noosa oil 120x90
Coast track Noosa Medium: oil Size: 120×90 cm


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