A feature of my art has been a long standing interest in figurative painting. Some of my works are shown here to illustrate the types of figures I like to paint. If you you want to know more about any of these paintings feel free to contact me Contact

A painting theme that keeps re-occurring and holds a special fascination for me is that of depicting people in relationships. Eye contact between people in a painting can add such a wonderful dimension to the depth of feeling being portrayed. The avoidance of eye contact can also give a special feeling. I like to paint that feeling of stillness and atmosphere – a single frame from the movement of life.

Escape from the Carousel oil 75x60

Escaping The Carousel:  Medium:  oil on canvas:  Size:  85 x 60 cm

Looking Babies 0il 60x60 cm

Looking Babies oil 60×60 cm

Lucky Dip acrylic 75x100
Lucky Dip Medium: Acrylic Size: 75 x 100 cm
Side Show Alley Medium: Acrylic Size: 75 x 100 cm
Side Show Alley: Acrylic on canvas: Size 100×75 cm
Evening's Call oil 60x60
Evening’s Call: Oil on board: Size 60×60 cm
The temptation of a Pink Lady acrylic 75x100
The Temptation of a Pink Lady: Acrylic on canvas: Size 100×75

Patterns of desire acrylic 76x102

Patterns of Desire: Acrylic on canvas. Size: 100×75 cm

A Virgin Flight to the Moon 90x70

A Virgin Flight to the Moon: Oil on canvas. Size: 90×70 cm

Caress 0il 76x61 cm

Caress: Oil on canvas. Size: 76×61 cm

Girl in a Tent oil 61x76

Girl in a Tent. oil 76×61 cm. Off to side show alley.


Girl with Teddy no3. Acrylic  76×61 cm.

It`s jazz acrylic 61x76.jpg copy

It’s Jazz. Acrylic and Oil. 76×61 cm.

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