A choice of love

This series is based on a chance meeting with two gentlemen from Palm Springs U.S.A. while cruising. They were great shoppers. One evening at the dining table, after we had had a shore excursion, I asked: What did you buy today? Their reply was: Expensive pearls for the dog. I asked if they would mind if I used the image of their dog in a suite of paintings. They kindly gave me a photo of “Brighty” their dog. The images below are the results of thinking about  who or what you might choose to love.

A Choice of Love acrylic 90x120

A Choice of Love. Acrylic 90×120 cm. Should he choose the young lady or the dog : mans’ best friend

Forever hold your peace acrylic 120x90 copy

Forever Hold Your Peace. Acrylic 90×120 cm. Man comes with flowers to declare his love. Only to see she is marrying some one else. Now the dog thinks he will love me.

A bird in the hand acrylic 120x90 copy

A Bird in the hand. Acrylic 90×120 cm. After the wedding the bride meets the man: saying ” A Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush” so love the dog.

The Garter acrylic 91x122

The Garter Acrylic 122×91 cm. The Man watches the newly weds.

Engaged oil 85x115 copy

Engaged. Oil. 115×85 cm. The Man dreams of getting engaged to another lady.

Her Pet of the Month oil 85x115 copy
Her Pet of the Month: oil 115×85 cm. The man walks away as the lady chooses another man to love.



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