All artists are borrowers and during a long career, over 40 years, several artists have influenced my approach to painting. I would like to list them here not in their importance but in the order they came to my world of painting. Van Gogh, Gauguin,Bonnard,Delveaux,MaxErnst,Miro,Klee.
 It is quite common to take from different styles of painting that which you need to achieve your end result ,that is ,to use from realism, impressionism, expressionism, and surrealism if that helps to achieve your goal.

THE AIM- INEVITABILITY. I will try to explain inevitability this way- Imagine you are looking at a painting that has this quality, you would have the feeling that somewhere in the world some artist would paint a picture exactly like this.The Chinese would say that this painting has a life of its own. This is of course the aim , but regretfully,only on rare occaisions achieved.

What`s a Giclee?
Simply put, it`s the best quality reproduction of an original artwork.If you can`t afford the original then a Giclee will look just as good at a fraction of the price. Sometimes the artist can`t even pick the difference. Museums like the Louvre,Guggenheim,and Metro Art Gallery display Giclee reproductions because the quality is outstanding and it allows them to protect the originals.

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Art critic Edward Heffernan.
Sparks explores a personal and introverted world peopled by figures that express mood rather than reality,thus giving the works a rather dreamlike quality. A concern with humanity is hinted at ,rather than stated, and it is this understatement that is one of the interesting things about his works.
Gallery Director Penne Jefford.
The Sparks' mysterious and sensual canvasses speak of the complexity of relationships between lovers - carrying echoes of Jungian Philosophy.