About Howard

I began painting seriously in1960 and have during this long career as a painter divided my interest in subject matter between landscapes and evocative figures. I tend to treat both fairly realistically with the main emphasis on mood and atmosphere. I read of those modernists that say the work should be flat to express true art, that three dimensional work on a two dimensional field is just trickery. Yet I cannot dismiss the whole sphere of atmosphere that surrounds me, it inspires the very emotions that will me to express myself.

Artist: Howard Sparks


The works dealing with people tend to explore a personal and introverted world, figures that express mood rather than reality thus giving the works a rather dreamlike and theatrical quality. A single figure dreaming, the emotional awareness between two people in a relationship, these images frozen in time, appeal to me. Sometimes a concern with humanity is hinted at rather than stated and I hope that this understatement is one of the things that make them appealing. Jump over to my Figurative painting for some examples.

With the landscapes, whether real or surreal, I like to emphasise mood and atmosphere. Perhaps hint at a hidden presence in the bush watching you. Take a look at my Landscapes