Some borrowed, of these regretfully I’m unable to name the authors.

When a painting  expresses a mood  or sensation that could only have been achieved by the use of paint then that painting  gains a life of it’s own.

Older artists should  not pursue the splendid rashness of youth. To desire only the new and the young was a state of mind which bred  nervousness and distorted ones personal  history

You cannot create a completely new and original work each time. Something borrowed is required to start you off. The writer Nabokov says—- Lawful property in the free city of the mind.

The Art Market.

1.The Papists created a market for sacred art but now the Calvinists have arrived and the market for Sacred Art has disappeared.

2. The elitists created a market for the artist. The ownership of the original. But now apple and  android say you all must have the same.


A muse is a spirit from the ancient Hellenic religion, a goddess  who visits the man embarked upon  a creative act, and inspires him.


Painters are simply artisans, they are suppliers of goods. Pictures on a grand theme.

Sacred Art

Why don’t the dreamless Calvinists just go off to Constantinople ? Why don’t they join the pagan Mohammedans who rebuke the notion of portraying divinity in anything but Euclidian tiles of blue and gold ?

The Rain Forest

To experience the bush you need to be alone. Walking gives you a certain sense of control, but when you stand still changes take place. Now it’s the bush that takes control. You can feel, see, and hear it moving. A sense that some strange, but unseen presence is watching you can invade you. I like to dwell on these emotions when I paint the forest ,so the result is not a photographic image ,but one as seen through a temperament.

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